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Pure Skill Fitness is group training made PERSONAL. We offer our workouts to no more than 16 participants at a time. Workouts are designed for ALL fitness levels.

Improve EVERY DAY with the most advanced equipment and connected technology from Italian fitness leader Technogym.

Get faster results and feel more confident. Enjoy better living. We are so much more than a gym - we are the new LOCAL FITNESS AUTHORITY. Become a part of the PSF COMMUNITY and discover how exciting fitness should be.

Inspired by PURE performance and the movements of professional athletes, our SKILL line of equipment has competition in its DNA. It tests your FITNESS abilities and pushes your potential to the limit.
When you step in a PSF Studio, you realize this is no common gym. Our partnership with the fitness industry leader TechnoGym makes us among the most technologically advanced fitness studios in the world.
PSF offers over 50 group training classes weekly and personal training upon request. All classes are modular, meaning that you can go at your own pace.

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Nothing less than PURE performance in your daily exercise. Define your athletic  SKILL, it’s already in your DNA. Your FITNESS level doesn’t matter, your desire to improve does.



Enables users to perform running sessions and resistance workouts on the same piece of equipment, providing a well-rounded cardio and power training workout. The seamless technology enables users to concentrate on training instead of wasting time on machine adjustments.


With its countless movement patterns, multiple equipment settings and accessories, OMNIA™ brings people together in a fun and interactive way, makes every workout unique and can align with any fitness objective.


RACE CLASS kindles healthy competition by engaging riders in real race profiles created by trainers. PERFORMANCE CLASS improves abilities with real-time monitoring and by showing individual performance data.


Participants follow the rowing pace set by the trainer as well as they can. The large screen displays an overview of the whole class, showing individual changes in intensity by color and providing motivation.



PSF Trainers take advantage of the infinite training possibilities to create personalized programs based on the client's needs, aspirations and abilities.

We offer private and semi private training sessions as well as corporate wellness classes and private events.

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SKILLLINE equipment shatters all expectations of what CARDIO can be. These are the first pieces of cardio equipment designed to meet the training requirements of all fitness enthusiasts. Thanks to its unique MULTIDRIVE TECHNOLOGY™, it combines cardio and power training in a single solution.


OMNIA with multiple accessories and dumbbells are the perfect combination for members to explore their true athletic potential. With its unlimited functional exercise options and scalability for all fitness levels, OMNIA and dumbbells are the ideal terrain for strength training.